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Totel 27 Issue
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Issue #1, February 1988 Gann & Elliott Wave

T-Bonds and Ganní»s Square of 144 by Phyllis Kahn
The classical market theory by Frank Taucher
Predicting market trends using the Sq of 9 by Chris Kakasuleff
W.D. Ganní»s within moves by Joel Rensink
W.D. Ganní»s Tunnel Thru the Air by Jim Prucker
Issue #2, Aug/Sept 1988 Gann & Elliott Wave

Stock market timing using astrology by Larry Pesavento
CompuWave by Robert Sapers
Gann and the planets by Greg Meadors
Will history repeat? by Donald Vodopich
No Title by Joel Rensink
Price pattern studies by Toby Crabel
T-Bonds square of 144 by Phillis Kahn
In sync with natural law by Jim Prucker
Issue #3, Nov/Dec 1988 Gann & Elliott Wave

Using Gann with astrophysics by Hans Hannula PhD
Beyond Gann: biblical cycles by Greg Meadors
The Gann side of Fibonacci numbers by Granville Cooley
Range expansion by Toby Crabel
Gann and the circle by Chris Kakasuleff
Ganní»s pyramid and fourth factor volume by Jim Prucker
W.D. Gann and astrology by Norman Winski
Taking Gann and Fibonacci to the bank by Peter Pich
Ganní»s annual forecasts by Chuck Carpino
Short-term market forecasting astrology by Carol Mull
Using holography to trade the markets by Keven LaRocca

Issue #4, February/March 1989 Gann & Elliott Wave

The Gann emblem by David Bowden
Ganní»s annual forecasts Part 2 by Chuck Carpino
How to make the greatest pro?ts by Jim Prucker
Charting it Ganní»s way by Phillis Kahn
Trading planetary cycles by Jeanne Long
McLaren charts by Larry Jacobs
Beyond Gann: vibration inversion points by Greg Meadors
Pro?ts with Gann, Elliott, and Fibonacci by Robert Miner
Astro-harmonics nature of retro motion by Larry Pesavento
An interview with A.J. Frost by Mark Levovich
Issue #5, June/July 1989 Gann & Elliott Wave

Beyond Gann: number vibrations by Greg Meadors
Proj. the precise time of tops and bottoms by Robert Miner
Indian astrology by Barry Rosen
An A.J. Frost follow-up by Jeff Walker
Ganní»s annual forecasts Part 3 by Chuck Carpino
Equivolume a different diagnosis by Richard Arms Jr.
A glimpse into market waves by Robert Saperstein
The Jupiter effect on the stock market by Bill Meridian
Silver astrology and the golden mean ratio by James Brock
Achieving the ultimate high by Eric Hadik
Cycles: predicting price and time by Jeff Rickerson
The Gann wheel on May 1989 Coffee by Jim Prucker
Issue #6, Oct/Nov 1989 Gann & Elliott Wave

Treasury Bonds a longer term perspective by Robert Lussie
Achieving the ultimate high by Eric Hadik
Ganní»s annual forecasts Part 4 by Chuck Carpino
Vibration tables key to tops and bottoms by Phillis Kahn
Square time with price by Robert Miner
W.D. Ganní»s price and time squares by Marcus Robinson
Orbits of Mercury/time distance/ stk by Alan Richter, PhD
Subliminals for traders by Robert Krausz
Issue #7 Traders World

Back to basics by Terry Davis
Philosophy of trading by Les Clemens
Ganní»s time price pattern factors by Robert Miner
The end of the ?fth wave by Dan Dimock
Law of vibration by Greg Meadors
The chain of command by Robert Krausz
Ganní»s annual forecasts Part 5 by Chuck Carpino
Angle plotting by Jack Weiss
Issue #8 Traders World

Ganní»s law of vibration decoded by Greg Meadors
Predicting stock market crashes by Chris Kakasuleff
Learn more about indicators by Terry Davis
Astroharmonics/ T-Bonds / Planet Mars by Larry Pesavento
Use and abuse of geometric angles Part 1 by Robert Miner
How to use Gann in the agriculture markets by David Gleason
================================================== =
Issue #9 Traders World

The future course of U.S. stocks by Glenn Neely
Trading system that is 90% accurate by Larry Pesavento
The Bible, Gann and the stock market by Greg Meadors
A new way to trade by Joe Rondinone
Ganní»s astrology and the 60 year cycle by Bill Meridian
Speculating or investing by Terry Davis
Predicting short-term changes /Dow by Chris Kakasuleff
Indian time cycles and market forecasting by Barry Rosen
Elliott and Andy by David Kruse
The use and abuse of geometric angles Part 2 by Robert Miner
================================================== ===
Issue #10 Traders World

Price bubble a new concept by Terry Davis
Rule #1 in T-Bonds by Larry Pesavento
Trading strategies critical to pro?ts by Robert Miner
Simple rules / support and resistance / Dow by Chris Kakasuleff
W.D. Ganní»s master time factor by James Flanagan
Heavenly in?uences and the 90 stock market by Greg Meadors
The golden cycle by Eric Hadik
Traders can enhance their pro?t potential by Jack Weiss
The lost cycle by Eric Hadik
Using volume to determine trend by James Burnett
Geometry and the stock market by Robert Flower
A lunar chaos theory by Hans Hannula PhD
================================================== =====
Issue # 11 Traders World

The solar eclipse by Greg Meadors
Financial storm in the markets by James Flanagan
Woody by Larry Woods
Astroharminc vibrations by Larry Pesavento
Gann, angles and the square of 9 by Bill McLaren
Ancient geometry by Bryce Gilmore
Neural systems by Lou Mendelson
Dow topped? by Jerry Favors
================================================== =======
Issue #12 Traders World

Learning ?awless exec/trading system by Mark Douglas
Sync your brain for successful trading by Larry Jacobs
Synergy the secret of cycles by Eric Hadik
Ganní»s geometric angles by Robert Miner
How to design arti?cial neural trading by Lou Mendelson
Combust by Larry Pesavento
W.D. Ganní»s new permanent chart by James Flanagan
================================================== =========


Issue #13 Traders World

The law behind the markets by Lee Franklin
Mental harmonics by Robert Krausz
Projecting time and price by Robert Miner
Pythoagoras and the powers of 1-2-3 by Joe Rondinone
Cycles made easy by Hans Hannula PhD
The jiggle line by the Cosmic Cowboy
Pick your stocks with astrology by Carol Mull
================================================== ==========
Issue #14 Traders World

Counting the universal measurement by Joe Rondinone
Charlatans, pipe dreams and cowboys by Bob Buran
Capitalizing on chaos by Hans Hannula PhD
A cycle of time by Eric Hadik
Ganní»s angles and squaring methods by David Green
Daytrading by Terry Davis
Volatility range index by Maynard Holt
Mechanical approach to trading by Bruce Babcock
================================================== =========
Issue #15 Traders World

W.D. Gann a legend by Les Clemens
Order in the markets by Danton Long
Money management by Mike Riley
Secret to success by Ted Tesser
Mercury and the Dow by Carol Mull
Astrology and volatility by Carl Whitney
Psychoacoustics by Larry Jacobs
Neural Networks by Larry Pesavento
Mechanical approach by Bruce Babcock
Issue #16 Traders World

Cashing in on chaos by Hans Hannula PhD
Investing may be hazardous to your wealth by Ted Tesser
Trading/role of the subconcious mind by Robert Krausz
Following the footsteps of W.D. Gann by Jeanne Long
Time price and distance by David Franklin
Heliocentric and sidereal analysis by Barry Rosen
Precision time and price analysis by Robert Miner
The myth of Fibonacci counts by James Schildgen
Quest for the holy Grail by Terry Davis
The correct way to optimize by Bruce Babcock
Issue #17 Traders World

The seven percent solution by Alan Friedman
Trading is psychological brain surgery by Bill Williams
Ganní»s angles and squares by Dave Green
Timing software by Will Hobbs
How to qualify for trader status by Ted Tesser, CPA
The second dimension by Joe Rondinone
Trading a mechanical system by Fred Ruscher
The edge that makes the difference by Koppell & Abell
The law of vibration by Petter Amundsen
Fading Tommyí»s daddy by Terry Davis
Golden Gann by Jim Watkins
================================================== =
Issue #18 Traders World

The importance of volume surges by Alan Friedman
Hoggy Doggy by Terry Davis
The return of the natal node by Miller & Williams
Secret rules of W.D. Gann by Mike Riley
Time periods by James Flanagan
Squared soybeans by Jim Watkins
Finding the end of wave 4 by Alan Richter PhD
Universal Clock software by Jeanne Long
How to trade a small account by John Brown
Time sine wave of the market by Dave Franklin
================================================== ==
Issue #19 Traders World

50% fan lines by Paul Dickey
Trading the stock market indexes by Scott D. Wolfe, C.T.A.
Doní»t give your trading pro?ts away ot IRS by Ted Tesser C.P.A.
A new era by Patrick Mikula
The Gann Spiral by Petter Amundsen
Synchronicity in market timing by Carolyn Boroden
Michael S. Jenkins interview
Popular trading prices for wheat by Jim Watkins
Percentage change price projection by Robert Miner
Chaos theory and market reality by Bruce Babcock
================================================== ===
Issue #20 Traders World

Why people lose! by Terry Davis
The astrology of timing the markets by Nicholas Symington
Solving one of Ganní»s trades by Patrick Mikula
Anatomy of a takeover winner by Alan Friedman
Joe DiNapoli on trading interview
Michael S. Jenkins interview part two
The remarkable W. D. Gann by John L. Gann, Jr.
Intermarket time by Will Hobbs
Time analysis quali?es market position by Robert Miner
Finding and forecasting cycles by Stan Ehrlich
Chaos theory and market reality part two by Bruce Babcock
================================================== =====
Issue #21 Traders World

Gann and the pyramids by Larry Jacobs
Interview with Robert Miner
True trandlines and the second wave by Joe Rondinone
Of traders and geese by John Chapman
Fibonacci Trader
Dynamic Trader software and trading course
A Maní»s seasonal trend unvieled by Patrick Mikula
The easy does it stock selection system by Chris Kakusulef
The cycle of time II by Eric Hadik
A great new trading system by T.M. Murry
Elliott Wave and you by Terry Davis
Essentials of Day Drading by Gary Smith
================================================== =======
Issue #22 Traders World

A moon - beam by Peter Ivar Amundsen
The Gann pull back by Jerry Pegden
Holistic anaysis of the gold and silver markets
Intraday Trading by Thomas Long
Investing with horoscope of ?rst trade of 1996
How to choose stocks that will outperform mkt by
Smart money by Alan Friedman
Talent and potential in Ganní»s birth chart by Andira Lennon
Cashing in on natural energy by Dr. Hans Hannula
Can you trade it? That is the question by T.H. Murrey
Ideas for new or unsuccessful traders by Bruce Babcock
================================================== =========
Issue #23 Traders World

Interconnected Finl Markets New Strategies by Louis Mendelsohn
A Plan for Trading a Fast Trend by Jerry Pegden
Election Year Stock Market Statistics by Robert Miner
What is Ganní»s Natural Law? by G.R.
Forecasting for Pro?t by Jeanne Long
Gann Masters is Hot by Larry Jacobs
Is Your Computer Causing You to Loose Money? by L. Jacobs
Can You See It? Truth Lost in Translation? by T.H. Murrey
Cashing in XGO by Dr. Hans Hannula
Interview with Bill Meridian by Larry Jacobs
TradeStation Review by Larry Jacobs
Best Way to Trade with Limited Capital by Bruce Babcock
================================================== ===========
Issue #24 Traders World

Personality of Markets Theory by Ed Downs
Forecasting The Power of Ranges by David E. Bowden
Timing is Everything by Eric Hadik
Combining Price Projections and Time Counts by Jerry Pegden
Andrews Channels and Parallel Lines by Robert Miner
Vibrations is the Golden Key Pythagras Used by Joe Rondinone
Out-of-Range Settlement Prices by Bob Pelletier
Setting the Square in Time by T.H. Murrey
Why Johnny Caní»t Trade by Dr. Hans Hannula
The C Wave Method of Trading Elliott Wave by Miles Walker
How to Trade with the Trend by Bruce Babcock
================================================== ================
Issue #25 Traders World

Trading Strategies and Trade Management by Robert Miner
Timing is Everything II How to Utilize Cycles by Eric Hadik
Cashing in on Chaos by Dr. Hans Hannuh PhD
Planetary Timing for Buying Stocks by Jeanne Long
The Alpha Application of Natural Law by Gregg Ruff
Murrey Math or W. D. Gann by T.H. Murrey
Finding the End of Wave Four Again by Alan Richter PhD
Choosing the Right Computer Display by Larry Jacobs
Choosing the Right Computer by Larry Jacobs
Home Trading Of?ce Design by Larry Jacobs
The Only Way to Trade by Bruce Bruce Babcock
================================================== ===================
Issue #26 Traders World

Swing Vibration and Anniver Day Studies by Robert Miner
The Cycle of Time III by Eric Hadik
An Ancient School in Modern Times by G.R.
Bullish & Best Stock Groups for 1998 by Grace K. Morris
The Moon and the S&P500 by Dr. Hans Hannula PhD, CTA
Seasonal Timing by Larry Jacobs
The Memory of Numbers by Joe Rondinone
What is the Trading Index Really Telling Us by Elton Borton
Forecasting the Power of Time by David Bowden
Winning 75% of All Trades by T.H. Murrey
Natural Law is the Basis of Market Movement by David Cerf
How to Setup Your Home Trading Of?ce by Larry Jacobs
================================================== ==================
Issue #27 Traders World

The Secrets of Internet Day-Trading by Larry Jacobs
Five Waves to See a Market Reversal by T.H. Murrey
Gann Theory by James A. Hyerczyk
Everything Comes Full Circle by Daniel Fererra
The Future of Fiancial Astrology by Patrick Mikula
Astrology Points the Way for our Future by Alphee Lavole
Trading on Scales by John Chapman
Gann Harmony: The Theories & Teachings by BradStreet Stewart
True Time Tells Truth by John Berends CTA
Time and Price Forecasting by J. White
A Reliable Indicator:NYSE Bullish Percent Index by T. Dorsey
Leading and Lagging Indicators by Joe DiNapoli
Timing is a Measurement, Tempo is a Rate by Jone Rondinone
How to Succeed in the Markets by Neal Hughs
W.D. Ganní»s May Soybean Chart by Myles Wilson
Bill Cruz Interview
Gilbert Steeleí»s Time & Dimension Chart by Larry Jacobs


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